The Sign Lives On!

Although not exactly the outcome we were hoping for, your support for #savekentile helped us save an important Brooklyn landmark from being carelessly discarded and extinguished from our community.

We thank Brad Lander, the Gowanus Alliance and Elyahu Cohen for negotiating a deal to preserve and relocate our beloved sign to another location within Gowanus — right where it belongs.

While we hoped our beloved KenTile Floors sign could remain intact, in the same location, the outcome was inevitable for many reasons, as stated in the New York Times article. 

Nonetheless, it’s as important now as it was before to stay connected to the cause.

Our work continues

As a community, we must be stewards of this preservation process. We must work with, and support, the Gowanus Alliance to ensure that preservation and relocation moves forward as planned.  We must demand accountability throughout this delicate process. 

Keep the conversation alive!

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With your support, we look forward to seeing this through to the end!